augmented reality.

viewing the real world through another lens.


what is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a technology which superimposes computer generated images on a users view of the real world. Now that may sound like a ‘tech-head’ type of explanation – but believe us when we say that this is a truly exciting piece of technology. AR is all about enhancing the world we live in – you can turn static images into interactive canvases or project critical data and information onto a machine. With AR, the world is your user interface.

At Evans Taylor Digital, we believe that Augmented Reality – or AR as it’s known – is the future of how humans will interact with computers and machines. What has long been the dream of science fiction is quickly becoming a reality. Recent developments from Apple and Google mean that this technology is now accessible on modern smartphones – bringing the future into our pockets.

McKenzie & Willis AR


AR unlocks the ability for consumers to place digital versions of your products into their own homes allowing them to experience how a product looks, feels and interacts within their own environment – a true “try before you buy” experience.


Print media isn’t dead… but it does need to evolve to stay relevant in today’s digital world. AR gives us the ability to enhance traditional media like printed signage, magazines and brochures and give users an experience like no other.

Benchmark Homes AR App
McKenzie & Willis AR


AR gives us the ability to recognise objects in our daily lives, and to enhance the way we interact with them. Instead of googling how to operate a coffee machine, or dialling the mechanic when your car won’t start, why not point your smartphone at an object, and let the right information be displayed instantly and intuitively.

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augmented reality VS virtual reality.

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