Athena product visualisation.

bathroom 3D rendering.

product photography VS product rendering.

When you have hundreds of products, all with different configurations and styles, producing visuals for a catalogue can be an extremely time consuming and expensive process. Organising photo shoots for large physical items is slow and costly. 

With a new product range about to be released, Athena approached us about producing photo-real 3D renders of their their products, rather than the traditional technique of showroom photography . Not only was it a cost saving exercise  for Athena, but the product was delivered a lot faster than physical photoshoots and with a higher degree of creative control. 

It was great working with the Athena Bathrooms team and seeing the final images come to life in their 2019 brochure.

Above are a few of our bathroom renders showcasing an Athena’s bath, shower and vanities. For custom product designers & manufacturers, it is the ultimate way to visualise their product. 3D software has come a long way and it is getting hard to guess which images are real and which are rendered. 

Athena had a clear and concise goal which was to have bathroom images that represented their brand and style. Throughout the rendering process, from setup, to previews to post production we kept in constant contact with Athena to make sure they were happy with the final images. 

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