Archiforge a 3D visualisation platform.


a platform for virtual reality and 3D applications.

We developed Archiforge as a software and service to help architects and residential builders use virtual reality to boost sales, improve design and increase customer engagement. 

With our software we create high quality and realistic 3D models of buildings and homes. Using these 3D models, we create engaging and interactive digital presentations including:

  • Virtual Reality Walkthroughs
  • 360 Video Flythroughs 
  • Interactive Touchscreen Presentations

Virtual Reality enables our view of the real world to be completely replaced by a digital environment – in this case one of your home or building designs. Users are given an incredibly immersive and believable experience which makes it excellent for visualising space, layout and lighting of a building project. The immersive nature means VR is also an excellent tool for communicating your brand, visual style and design language. Below is a quick 1 min screen recording which showcases the three different viewing modes (Dolls House View, First Person View, Virtual Reality View)

Use touchscreens and 3D applications in showhomes to showcase your plans / homes. This will help to create better touchpoints during the sales process which will lead to greater engagement and ultimately more sales. We also have a partnership with Ricoh who offer leasing options for touchscreen and VR hardware.

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