Benchmark Homes lead technology

Developments in technology influence the choice of materials, construction methods and project management in the building industry — and apps such as Buildertrend© provide real-time updates between builder, sub-trades and homeowners.

Now, Evans Taylor Digital’s innovative technology is helping Benchmark Homes change the way they design buildings, with augmented and virtual reality bringing new dimensions to the decision-making process.

For Benchmark Homes directors, embracing virtual reality has allowed them to bring another facet to their design and build line-up. “Benchmark Homes ‘sets the technological benchmark’ in New Zealand. Evans Taylor Digital’s apps enable our homeowners to have a virtual experience of what their home will be like, and to make informed choices around how spaces will work and interact with one another. The virtual experience is almost as close as being in the home itself. Our clients can make decisions about their home in the planning stage that in the past they wouldn’t have been able to make to the same degree.”

State-of-the-art virtual reality allows homeowners building with Benchmark Homes to ‘walk-through’ their home before construction begins –  and gain a real sense of what the end product will look and feel like.

Described as ‘the future of CAD drawings’, virtual reality allows homebuilders to step inside their home before it has even gone through the consent process. With the use of virtual reality head-gear, the prospective homeowner is able to view a home from the street, walk through the front door, even look under the dining table and move from room to room. “It gives people a physical sense of the space they are going to build,” explains Benchmark Homes.

Ten years ago it was normal practice for designers to present clients with a two-dimensional drawing of their house plan. Benchmark Homes embrace of new technology has taken the step up to three-dimensional modules, CAD drawings and renders.

Virtual reality is simply the next evolution in this offering.